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Our program was built on one sole principle: optimization.  Our program leverages big-data group decision making to continually solve the new patient acquisition problem.  We're the best as finding you the best.  Once in the funnel, we don't stop optimizing.  After all, that's the most expensive part of marketing... usually.  Not with us. Read on to hear how we're solving that problem too, or schedule a call with our team to hear from us directly.

We start by generating your ad.  It might look something like this:


We don't stop once we've found you the best leads for the cheapest.  No more calling leads to schedule, reschedule, or answer repetitive questions.  We'll take care of the entire new patient funnel from first point of contact until the new lead is scheduled on a shared calendar and walks through your door.  We do all outreach, FAQ handling, scheduling, reminders, rescheduling, and follow-up with your new patients so you and your team can do what you want to be doing: assisting your patients on the road to wellness.  We know what works and what doesn't to convert an ailing lead into your new patient. If lead management is getting in you or your team's way, we promise that one call with our team will replace hundreds to leads.

27 NP appointments in 1 week for this chiropractic practice in Carson City, NV–all requiring zero labor input from their team:
When is the last time you had a week–or day–of new patients like this?  That's the power of our system.
NHC Demo Photo - Blurry Sky.jpg


We know and understand the realities of your practice.  No shows and cancellations are one of those painful realities.  Sometimes so painful you might not even follow-up with that new patient no-show.  What a missed opportunity! We wont let missed opportunities slip.  We'll automatically reach out to any no-shows or cancellations to get them rescheduled for you.  No extra work on your part, just a bit of patience while we work for you.


Our system can be tailored to any specific needs of your practice.  By default, we are the lowest-touch system on the market.  However, we are always seeking to develop new solutions.  Each of our functionalities have been built out of demand.  We have proven time and time again that our solutions work in markets and verticals from multi-location, highly-competitive cities to rural home-based practices ranging from chiropractic to men's health.  If we haven't solved your new patient acquisition problem, it's simply because you haven't asked us to.  Get in touch for a discovery call to diagnose how we can help you!

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